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I recall that I first contacted The Center in hopes of fitting in a few oncology massages and yoga4cancer sessions—I knew these modalities were effective, but could be expensive, and I was conscious about my spending since I was out of work on disability. However, through the generosity of donors, and the work of the Foundation, The Center, soon became just that, the center of my treatment and my home base to regroup. Through the caring and compassionate counseling of the practitioners, support group providing an outlet to unburden my fears and release my tears, healing modalities like yoga, massage, reiki and later manual lymphatic drainage to help alleviate side effects and replenish my heart and body. 

Paula Ladd

I’ve been going to Kim Twomey for massages for almost 6 years.

She is a main reason I was able to play in 1/2 my football games in high school and remain injure free.

The massages has made me more in tune with my body with knowing
how I am supposed to feel and when and what is tight.

Every time I feel very tight, or uneven, and rolling out and yoga are not helping, she always gets my
body aligned.

Spencer H age 20

I had previously viewed massage as a luxury - something that I got when I was on vacation.

All of a sudden it became my lifeline.

The work that Kim guided my body through allowed me to move my arms more freely.

It allowed me to have far less back and shoulder pain, and to begin my emotional journey back to understanding I was going to survive.

I can easily say that I was able to limit my use of pain medication once I began working with Kim and that I was off of the pain medicine faster than I ever would have been without this important aspect of my recovery.

Brooke B
Age 40 - Cancer Survivor

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